Monday, April 18, 2011


That is what I am saying after this weekend! We started off Saturday morning with breakfast at Cracker Barrell, followed by a baseball game, Easter egg hunt, and cute Candyland bday party. Later Sat night we had dinner with my mom and picked up a few last minute Easter bunny gifts. Sunday was as hectic as always with church, a bridal tea, and a family Easter get together. (all to be posted about this week!) As I was finally getting settled down to watch a movie Sunday night, exhausted from the non stop "go go go" past two days, I get a call from my cousin that was keeping Palyn for the night and all day today.  "Please come and let her stay with you tonight!" she begged. Up and on our way we went to get our best girl! Got back to the apartment, got baths and p.js on only to realize that we couldnt find the pacie. I looked everywhere and many of you probably know that a child that has to have one of these, HAS TO HAVE ONE OF THESE! No other choice than to make the dreaded trip to WM. I do remember the times I ran to the store at bedtime for Caden's too!!Once in WM, she knew what she wanted.
She kept saying, "paypay pacie, paypay pacie"

Back at the apartment, Caden goes straight to bed and I put Palyn on the couch with me. She falls fast asleep while I finished my movie, Country Strong, just not the way I intended earlier in the evening!

Fast foward to 5:45 this morning, Caden wakes up screaming with a belly ache. Great, now Palyn was screaming too. Caden asked me to rub his belly, then yelled because it was too "hot". He then asked over and over again what to do about it. After trying to use the restroom and drink something, he insisted I pray for Jesus to make his belly stop hurting. But seriously, he was screaming. After the restroom worked out for him, he was as normal as ever. Running around, back and forth, back and forth. Palyn found lip gloss that she had to have. She loves all things girly. I swear when I have a girl, praying that I do one day, she will probably be a tomboy and snatch every big bow out of her head. Only because my sister is and she got the prissy girl. Anyways, this lipgloss made her morning! And mine too just by watching her with it. And we didnt dare take it away! Check out this pretty pink princess this morning! Admiring her made all of my stresses from the night before and earlier morning all fade away.

Everytime I took a picture of her, she would grab the phone and say, "Paypay, Paypay" She's learning so young to love the pictures! When my cousin came to pick her up for the day, she was clinging to me and crying to stay. Those big tears and little hands squeezing my back broke my heart. I was playing my whole day out in my head, trying to see if it would be possible for her to stay. Of course it wasnt, and she left crying. Im sure she was better and had a good day, it was just hard to watch my girl leave crying for me. Get ready to see all about our weekend! Hope yours was just as good, even if it was on the couch! I love those weekends too!

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