Sunday, April 3, 2011

All About My Best Man

Caden, of course! Here are a list of his favorites at the big age of seven and a half, exactly.

 What is Your Favorite.....

Color -Blue
Superhero - Batman
Food - Chicken fingers
Show - Star Wars
Animal - Big Foot..??
Sport - Baseball and Soccer (this was a huge shock to me)
Drink - Root Beer
Cookie - Chocolate chip
Sandwich - Ham, turkey, mustard and mayo
Fruit - Apple and Pineapples
Cartoon Character - Spongebob
Movie - Megamind (changes daily)
Part of School - P.E
Place to Eat - McDonald's
Number - 6, because thats the number that Palyn says the most
Store - Game Stop
Cake or Pie - Peanut Butter Pie
Toy - Double light saber, from Aunt Lisa
Car - Gravedigger
Song- Rockstar, Nickleback (I turn it down during the inappropriate parts)
Best friend- Nolan
Girlfriend- Karlee and Amanda
Game- All DS and Wii games

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