Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Early Easter

Ok, Dont judge me! When asked to go to the beach this weekend, my first answer was, "no, its Easter!" But, after realizing that the kids were out of school half a day Thursday and all of Friday, I made some arrangements! I backed all of our festivities up one week. Our church service was AMAZING! It really felt like an Easter service. The Easter bunny came to see Caden that morning and as I posted yesterday, we had an egg hunt with my family. We will still find time at the beach this weekend for Easter related activities, and I thank God everyday for His son dying for us and rising again three days later. This will be a little different than normal, but I am still looking forward to it!! Check out what the Easter Bunny brought Caden...
He got: a chocolate cross, blue sock monkey, chocolate bunny from HOP, sour patch bunnies, snorkel and goggle set, ds accessories, star wars sticker book, reese pieces carrot, star wars magic beans, baukogan ball, and a r2d2 to add to his star wars collection, dont forget the candy filled eggs!

straight to r2d2!

he loves sour patch kids, but he said the bunnies are better!

checking out the star wars sticker book

looking like hes too big for a sock monkey!!

he began telling me why the cross was related to Easter

We normally dye our eggs the night before, but as you could tell from previous post, we have been so busy!! We dyed them before church.

Hope you all have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter! We had a great weekend celebrating and will definately enjoy our weekend!!

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