Friday, April 15, 2011

Check your Attitude, Batman

My friend Candice is just like me when it comes to birthday parties for her boys, as far as themes and putting a lot of time and effort into her planning. We always look forward to celebrating another birthday for one of them, especially this time! It was Coy's Super Hero party. All of the children invited were asked to wear a costume and they participated in many fun activities, such as a zip line, silly string fight, and a scavenger hunt. Those all may seem right up Caden's alley, whom may I add was dressed as Batman.  Well I would have thought so too. However, my Mr. Batman had some other kind of attitude at this party like you wouldnt believe! He didn't want to participate in any of the fun things that she had worked so hard on. He was mad at me for different reasons, with some being unknown. He finally got around to the zip line and really enjoyed it. He didnt participate in the scavenger hunt, but the other little heros seemed to love it. He halfway got in on the silly string fight, but when he brought me the half empty can, I assumed he was finished. I gave it to Coy, the birthday boy. Oh boy, when Caden realized that I gave it away IT WAS OVER!! This is when he disappeared to the car and the bottom picture will show you how I found him. Lets please keep Batman and Batmama in your prayers that I might not lose my mind anytime soon! Thank you Candice for hosting another wonderful party! Im sure Caden secretly had a good time, he just couldnt let his mean mama know it!
"Mom, Are you sure about this?"

Asking Mr. Russ about the zip line

Caden with his "Hulk Juice"

Candy Table, all labeled with Superhero names

All of the superheros, with an unhappy Batman

Checking out what they found on the scavenger hunt

Cutest cake huh?!

When they were calling Coy to sing Happy Birthday, he
couldnt be found because he was looking for his air horn!

Caden liked his goodies from the bag

Not too mad at Mama here!

Loving the zip line later in the party!

Silly String fight!!

All of the kids received a puzzle to take home

This is where I found him.
 Time to go home, I would say so!

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