Monday, April 18, 2011

Mary Kay Mondays

I became a Mary Kay beauty consultant in December. I have really enjoyed sharing skin care and make up with other women that I know they will not be disappointed in. There are so many reasons I am loving Mary Kay right now, therefore, I have decided to feature a "Mary Kay Monday" on my blog every week. I am hoping to share a favorite product of mine with you, along with anything else exciting that may be going on in the business.
This month, we are very excited about the awesome deal that is offered this month for our "starter kit". It is normally $100, and for the month of April, it cost only $50! I can not express how awesome of a deal this is! But I can show you a picture of just how much it really is!
I will leave you all with this link to tell you a little more about the deal. Please let me know if you may be interested in becoming a MK consultant, having a skin care class, or even just ordering your favorite product. I am looking forward to Mary Kay Mondays!

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