Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg Hunts and more Egg Hunts

Thursday afternoon, we had our "resident egg hunt" at the apartments I manage. The residents brought candy filled eggs as well as pretty dyed ones. The kids all came out to play, made little bunnies, and found Easter eggs. We ate hot dogs, chips, cupcakes and tons of Easter candy! I was so happy that everything we as well as it did! I loved watching the kids have such a good time! The compliments that I received were so touching! It made all of the time and effort worth it when I heard them all say it was the best one yet.
Me, Tim, and Ms. Martha with all of the kiddos
Saturday, after our ball game, we ran in Walgreens to change out of our uniform and then headed straight to our church's Easter egg hunt. It was at Lake Howard this year and turned out very nice. A lot of the children brought friends and family so it was very nice to have guest that you arent used to having! I hope all of them choose to visit our church! They drew names out of a bucket for prizes. Caden won, however all of his favorite, the cotton candy, was taken. He settled for a herseys egg, but was happy to see Mr. Todd brought him cotton candy to church on Sunday! As if he really needed it!!
Caden found an egg

Sweet Kinley girl!

They are ready!

with his Herseys egg

Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Easter with my moms family. All of the sisters and their families came over to the apartments and we cooked our hamburgers and hotdogs and hid eggs for Caden and Palyn. They are still the only "great"children in the family. We almost never all get together, so it was a very nice time for everyone. We were all shocked that we had no drama!!  I dont know about your family, but our family is always at each other for one reason or another! Everyone has been getting along so well now for a while!Thankfully, we all know when one of us are in need, we are all there! I know that my grandmother smiles down from heaven on days like these! I have accumulated quite a few pair of bunny ears over the years from one thing or another. We all laughed when we had plenty to go around for all of the women! People really probably think were crazy when they see the pictures with our ears! But we had a good time!
all the sisters (missing my mom) and
nieces (missing my sister)
they hadnt gotten there yet

Hes so sweet!
My uncle said that he had to wear these
 because he was laughing at them!

Cadens Easter basket from Tata

Tata and Palyn

Sometimes she likes it,
 sometimes she doesnt!!

trying to take Caden's eggs!

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