Friday, April 1, 2011

Serious Scouter

The cub scout awards were approaching very fast, and after meeting his qualifications for his Tiger Cub patch, Caden was dead set on collecting his beltloops! He was excited to know that he could receive one for Bowling, baseball, and video games. He already had soccer, bb guns, and archery. This little scout is serious about those beltloops! He likes wearing them on his belt with his shirt tucked in. Wow, let me just tell you that my poor, skinny, long-legged baby resembles a much more handsome Steve Urkle with his shirts tucked in! I strive to not have him tuck in his shirts!! Now that he has gotten those beltloops down, he is setting out for the next ones that interest him. Ping pong, pool, and art. The Boy's Club that he attends everyday after school has a ping pong and pool table, and his director has agreed to go over the rules and show him how to play. Our museum in town has summer art classes that Caden wants to sign up for a session. Well see how these all work out! At least he has goals right?!

Proud of you man!

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