Thursday, April 14, 2011

Woodruff Wedding

My friend Julie and I grew up together beginning in elementary school and still share that special friendship today. I have always just loved her older sister Brandi! She is so fun and so pretty and has the cutest little girl, Gigi! Saturday was the day she married William. We all just love him and his little girl Chloe! The wedding was at three and I had plans to leave about 2:15 and that's exactly what we did. Only I had in my mind the entire time that the venue was somewhere that they had mentioned getting, but never actually had. So when I finally realized that it wasn't at this place we had driven to, we sped for the 20 minutes that it took us to reach the actual location of the wedding. We ran up as Julie, the Maid of Honor, was walking down the aisle. Whew! Only I would ever do that! I was just thanking God that we weren't noticed as the late guest. They had a beautiful ceremony overlooking a lake. I loved that their girls were just a big part, representing making their family whole.
Their reception was one that every bride wants, or at least that's what Ive always heard. It was so laid back, sweet and FUN! There were tons of laughs and quite a few happy tears. I didn't realize how many pictures I took, but there were so many great memories I had to catch! It would not be complete if I didn't tell you about the grooms father. He was hilarious, dancing and joking with everyone. I know that I didn't catch him in his element even though I tried so hard! I am so happy for these two, and glad I was able to take part in their special day.

Chloe and I
I told William that this might be her and Caden in about 15 years! ha!

Grooms mother and father having a good time

David and Julie, they'll be next, but shhh! I didn't say that!

My sweet date Shane and I, he brought me flowers as he did on our first date!
So good to know that chivalry isn't dead!

Sisters dancing!

Me, Brandi, Julie, and Crystal
I don't know why I look so uncomfortable!

The bride and I

Mr. Woodruff getting down!

William telling Brandi to get up!

Me and two of my best girls!

Getting ready to not catch the bouquet!

Father and daughter, so sweet!

Me with Mr Woodruff!
How could I not have gotten a pic with him?!

After the Woodruffs, we stopped by another of my best friend's brother's reception. There were so many old friends that I have not seen in forever. But I only managed to catch pics with some of my favorite girls!

Lindsay, Holly, and I

With my bestie, Emmie!

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