Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Braylen's Candyland

Last weekend, we went to my friend Jennifer's sweet little Braylen's first birthday party. She had a Candyland theme, and it was so so cute! We only made it for the last hour, because of our church's egg hunt. We missed the sweet girl eating her cake, but we had plenty of time to play and watch her open her gifts!
Caden, Me, Jenn, and Braylen
The cutest decor!

The below bouncy house pics were taken at
"Gumdrop Mountian"

Our other friend Jenn V with Braylen

Birthday girl

opening our present

of course, Caden wanted to pretend to eat the candy decorations

"Lollipop Woods"
we were supposed to ring the pops with the hula hoops

"Gumball Lake"

The children were sent home with a candyland board game

And I didnt get a picture, but each guest signed a candyland gameboard for Braylen

Braylens candy bar!

Good job Jenn! Thank you for letting us join in on this special day!

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