Sunday, April 3, 2011

My kinda Best Day

I cant believe I am pretty much caught up with blogging my best days! All I have left to share with you is our spring break beach trip and the only delay with that is the amount of pictures Id love to share. Being caught up, I get to tell about our day yesterday! We started out early in the morning for little man's baseball game. Yes, the weather was supposed to be pretty yesterday. However, our Visitor side was in the shade which kept us kind of cool most of the game. Poor Caden, he needs a lot of extra practice! I am starting to regret that break we took last year. I just hope he is having as much fun as all of the other sweet boys on his team!
After the game, we ran home to get ready for our day with our friend in Birmingham. Our first stop was at Belk, I always get in trouble here! I can't go in to pay my bill for my card (the only card I have and can't get rid of) with out buying something! I always tell my mom, "Jessica loves me" because 70% of the time Im coming out with something from Jessica Simpson, dresses, shoes, on and on. My mom met us in there for a minute and fell in love with sunglasses that looked amazing on her! I couldn't leave without her having them! Ha! Happy early Mother's Day!
Not real sure why Caden's shirt is buttoned to his neck!

Earlier this week, I had a silhouette done of Caden. The 5x7 frame they offered was $15. No thanks, when I love a half price Hobby Lobby frame! Thats exactly what I got too! $6.50..oh yeah! This is it not framed...
It looks great, sitting next to my bed!

Caden's favorite stop of the night, HOP! This movie, about the next in line Easter Bunny running away to chase his dream of becoming a drummer, was too cute! Take your littles to see it if you get a chance!
All photos were taking on my phone,
excuse the poor quality.

Our last stop was Mt. Fugi for dinner. Our friend, Shane, had never been to a hibachi bar before. I know he enjoyed it as much as we do! It never gets old to Caden, watching them preform all of their tricks and start the fires right in front of us. I always get so stuffed when I eat at those places! It was so good, even Caden ate, we all know that's a big deal!

Finally, home to the couch for a funny movie! I have wanted to see this for a long time and it did not disappoint! I cry during every movie, sweet or sad, and this one was no exception! Weird, I know!

We had a great, fun-filled day! Caden met a new friend and had more fun with him than he did me, because he was "nicer". Hope you all had a wonderful day, because it was sure was beautiful!

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