Thursday, July 28, 2011

How's it Gonna Be

The past two weekends, Shane and I thought we wouldn't be able to see each other, due to prior plans that I had. Who were we kidding? A week is about as long as we can make it! The first chance I saw to make our way to Prattville, that's where we were! And I am so so glad we did! Until then, our only time spent in Prattville was when we met him there to go to the beach. Both weekends Shane had to work, so after a little rambling around town trying to find important places, Caden and I hung around the house. When Shane got home on the first Saturday, we went to the movies to see Cars 2 in 3d.

We were excited to find out that if you go to the movies between 4-5:30 it is only $5! Big difference compared to the $13 we normally pay. Also, we bought a huge bucket of popcorn for $15 and everytime we return, we can refill it for $2.50! Caden enjoyed the movie, but it bored me to death, and I am usually a fan of kid movies! Cant wait for the new Toy Story! For dinnner, we went to Logan's Roadhouse. I didnt ask them to pose with a peanut, I think they assumed I wanted them to! ha!

Sunday, we went to the park and walked with Betsy and let Caden play and ride his bike. I loved that park, it was layed out very nice and wasn't crowded at all. Then he showed me the school that Caden would go to if we lived there. I can say I was pleased with the appearence, and I have heard a lot of good things about it. After the park, we went by Publix and then cooked out at his house.

This past weekend, we went to Olive Garden. It is so weird being so close to these places. Where I live, we have always had to drive 30 minutes to the restuarants, shopping, and entertainment. We are so used to it that we dont even think about it.
My heart was happy :)

Shane has a bowling ball with a snake in it! haha!

Not sure why I was standing like this!

We played a few games after bowling, and with his tickets, Caden got a blue and pink ring and told us he was giving the pink one to Amanda. Oh no, not yet!!

On Sunday, Caden and I waited on Shane by hanging around the house and walking Betsy around the neighborhood. They have a pond that we like to walk to. Betsy girl liked going down to the water. When he got home, we went back to the park. I have got to get back to my running, so I ran a couple of laps. Literally only a couple!

I have loved these past two weekends just chilling out and seeing how life would be there on a normal weekend. I do miss my friends and my church when I am away, but I know it is something I will have to get used to. We have a church there that we are planning to visit soon. I know God will lead us to the one He wants us at. Everyone has been asking me, so I guess I will share this much... we will not be moving anywhere until Caden finishes out second grade here. We arent in a rush, just enjoying the times that we do have together! My friend, Julie, tagged us in this photo on fb that she took on her way to the beach! hahha!

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