Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good bye Beach

This time leaving the beach was the hardest out of the four this year. It could possibly be the last beach trip we will have until next year, because we are going to Disney in September! We got to the beach around 9:30 in the morning, and that's pretty early. It still felt like it was the middle of the day and there weren't as many people out that early! I soaked up the last bit of sunshine and watched my favorite boys play in the water.
Just hanging out!
I could watch them do this for hours.
I just wonder what theyre talking about!

Shane throwing Caden

Caden flipping, he was obsessed with flips this trip!

Waiting for the seagulls

He loved them!

After going back to Mama's, we got cleaned up and everything packed. We planned to go back to Lambert's as we were heading home. The 2 hour wait changed our plans, and we opted for Mellow Mushroom. The service wasnt great, but the pizza never disappoints.
She ate like such a big girl!

She loves being silly with her KK!

Giving their goodbye love!
I hope it isnt much longer before we
 get to see this sweet girl again!

One more quick trip back to the outlet and my sweet man bought me a new Kavu bag. As we were heading home the rain came pouring back down. Good thing he is a good driver and I get to sleep to the sound of the rain!

I finished this book at the beach. Please read it! If you cant buy it, Im pretty sure that someone you know has a copy of it! I had to set it down a few times because I just had to take it all in. It is AMAZING! Let me know if you would like to borrow mine!

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