Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprise..or not

So I have said many times that I have never been to Disneyworld, and I am dying to take Caden. Well friends, that time has come! Thanks to the fact that Shane has never been and cant wait to go either! We literally, COULD NOT WAIT! He said, lets do it and we wasted no time getting it all straightened out to go. He moved his vacation around and we booked it all, with the great help of my friend, Amy! After it was confirmed, I wanted to come up with a cool way to tell Caden. First- give him a different balloon every day with the message,  "Were...Going...To...Disney". Second- On Friday, the day that he would get the "Disney" balloon, we would be with Shane and have a Mickey cake and a note from Mickey. Pretty decent little plan, huh?! So, I go to the store on Tuesday, and get red ballons with black and white polka dot ribbon. Then write, "Were". Well, this "cheerleader mom" thought it looked a little plain, so I very stupidly add little Mickey ears to the bottom of the balloon for a little more decoration. I mean, who doesnt know what Mickey ears mean?
On day 1, he said, "We're, Disney"
On day 2, he said, "Going"..."Were going to Disney!"
There it was, just like that. Shane missed the smile and excitement that I wanted him to be there for. Dang it, Brittany!! Would a toddler not have gotten that?!
When we were with Shane on Friday, we still had the cake and note from Mickey. Which let me just take the time to thank my sweet man for picking up all of the stickers, scrapbook paper, balloon, and cake all on his own! God love him! I know Im a lucky girl!

Well, the cake was good, and we are all excited!
Were also happy to have our Tata go along with us!
And I promise not to drive you crazy with tons of Disney comments until September! Just please leave me any tips, with all 4 of us having never been, any would be useful!

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