Friday, December 23, 2011

Sanders' Christmas

I just love Shane's family. I am so glad too, because I am a family oriented person and I love getting together with loved ones at any chance given. Have I ever mentioned how we were introduced? Quick version- I have known two of his aunts for awhile, Aunt Debbie and Aunt Linda. They are both married to two of his mom's brothers. Aunt Debbie introduced us, so I have never felt uncomfortable around anyone because I was already comfortable with them. I love meeting new people anyways! (Ill be glad when I move to a new city this summer!) This past Saturday night, we had Christmas with their side of the family. I was very excited! I was able to meet many new people that I had not met yet, but hear about all of the time. I was sad that Aunt Debbie was sick, so I didn't get to see her. And I have still yet to meet one of her sons and his family.

Shane, Caden, and I

My hair looks like it is getting long again!

Caden waiting on his gift, patiently!

One of his gifts
A "cars" head light

Caden made us very proud that night. He was very well behaved and played all night with Shane's nephew.

We watched a dance recital dvd of sweet Lola.
One of the little girls that I met and fell in love with!!

And played Dirty Santa

It was a great night with a wonderful family!

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