Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday School Ornament Swap

This made my second year as a member of our Sunday School class. I enjoyed our Christmas party a lot last year, and was really looking foward to it! I know I have mentioned a few times before, how much I love the ladies in my class. They are all so fun and loving. This year we had the same delicious meal as last year. We all had 2 full plates, Im pretty sure! We each brought an ornament and played dirty santa with them. I am not a good dirty santa player; if I see something that I like, but someone else was excited about it, then I will not take it from them!! I did steal the one that I ended up with though!! haha! All of the women will probably threaten my life for putting their pics up. They all complained about looking bad, but I like the pics and always think they look great so here goes!!!

Love my baby Jesus ornament!!

This was the most popular ornament, it lights up!

I took hers!!


I wouldve taken these if she wasn't excited about them
They match my tree!

This is the zebra ornament I brought, he matches the giraffe that I brought last year!


We promised that we will always be invited back no matter where life takes us!!

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