Saturday, December 24, 2011

Silly Christmas Props

I had a diy photobooth at our holiday shower. The very next day I used the props for childrens church, and that Monday I used them for my kids at the apartments. Cheesy or not, these are going to really come in handy with children activities!!

I look a lot older in this picture, I think

My kids at the apartments helped decorate the office tree, had hot chocolate, and took a few silly pictures!

I tear up everytime I think about leaving them in June. I have gotten so close to each of them and if there is one reason I hate to leave the apartments, it's them. They' re all so precious to me.

Now go to the Target dollar section, get yourself some cheap props, and be a kid again!!


Blissfully Burton said...

looks so fun! I've been reading all your posts but haven't been able to comment {usually because I'm holding baby}. But, so glad the holidays have been so fun for you all!!

Brittany said...

thank you! i sure love looking at all of yours! she seems so sweet! i bet you are having so much fun!! thank you! merry christmas!