Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday this year began with a 9pm trip to Wal Mart in hopes of getting our little man a trampoline. This was Shane's first Black Friday experience. Oh boy was he in for some craziness. After getting our trampoline and a few other goodies such as games, blu rays, and dvds, we were ready for a little more. Until we saw the lines outside of Kohl's and Target. What in the world did they have that was so good? So we went in for a little IHOP midnight breakfast! We then went to Kohl's and found a few good buys, when ready to check out, we were inshock that the line was wrapped around the entire store back to the front door. Seriously, and if Shane wasn't getting a $300 memory foam mattress cover that was only $70, we would not have considered waiting in a 2 hour line! After buying the most comfortable pajama's ever at target, we decided to take it to the house until Sam's Club opened at 5 am. Yeah right. We slept until about 8 then made it to Sam's, followed by Belk and Academy. We were home by lunch and Mom headed back down south to Foley. Shane, Caden, and I put the tree up, napped and then got ready to go and visit Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. Caden also had a gift card from my dad that he was ready to use.

So silly!

He wanted to pose with this boat!

Hes so big! So sad that he's no long my baby in Santa's lap.

He decided that he wanted to spend his gift card on a build a bear in BPS.

He named him Sam and was very happy with his bear!

This BPS has a restuarant inside of it, and so we gave it a try. It was good, I am just not a big fan of sea food! But the atmosphere was very nice!

When we came home, someone special was waiting in our tree!

I heard the worst stories this year about Black Friday shoppers. Kicking, biting, and macing. That is insane! Luckily I was not involved in any of that! Not too sure if Shane would be up for another year of Black Friday!!!

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