Sunday, December 11, 2011

Iron Bowl

Here in the Alabama, the Iron Bowl is like a holiday. Seriously. Did you watch the recent ESPN documentary? I love it though. I love that no matter what gender, race, religion, or social status, pretty much everyone in our state can be found that day wearing orange and blue or crimson and houndstooth. People here are very serious about thier football team. If you aren't into it, do not look at your news feed on facebook on that day. People get all crazy and begin to put others down, trash talk and hurt feelings if you are a softy. All in the name of fun, but there have been friendships lost over it, which I think is INSANE! (not speaking from personal experience!) On our first Iron Bowl day together, Shane and I went over to his aunt's and uncle's house which was filled with Auburn fans, except for my Bama boy of course! I am so thankful that none of us are obnoxious about it. No offense if you are, that is just not our style. After the game, we stopped by my dad's to visit my aunts in from GA. I am pretty sure that I ate more o this day than on Thanksgiving Day. 

Playing magnetic darts

Playing a little pool

and a little keyboard

Caden and Issac

This is how the Bama fans were watching over my MawMaw Helen's!
They had nothing to worry about, as you can tell they were very relaxed and Shane fit right in!

At the end of a very long Iron Bowl day!!

War Eagle!

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