Monday, December 26, 2011

2nd grade Christmas party

Last week, I went over to Caden's school to help out with the class Cmas party. Caden puts together littles goody bags for his classmates every holiday with little clearence favors I pick up the year before. So cheap and easy, but they make those kids so happy! They enjoyed hot chocolate, chips, and the all time favorite Cmas tree cake. I try not to think about this being our last year here with these friends, but it is beginning to sneak up on me as the first half of the year has come and gone so quickly.

Caden with Mrs. Kimber

I didnt spend anything on these this year except for a rice crispie treat!

passing them out to his friends, it was pj day too!

lots of hot chocolate,
We added marshmallows and whipped cream to them!

A gift from Mrs. Kimber

We take this picture every year, he is so much bigger!
Didn't realize how rough I looked!

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