Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

On Wednesday around lunch, my mom and Palyn made it in from Foley, followed by Shane from Prattville. Our festivities were only getting started! We all went to Shane's mom, Gale's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We were also joined by his sister and her kids, and Gale's boyfriend, Dale. This was everyone's first time to meet other than me, Gale, and Dale. We had a wonderful dinner, I really need Gale to teach me how to cook like her! After dinner, we picked out a few Christmas baby pictures of Shane to put out at our holiday shower. We also showed Gale and Heather the wedding inspirations that I have printed out and kept in a binder.

I am very excited that we both have families that dont mind getting together all at once! I hope it remains that way in the future, because it sure makes it easier!

On Thanksgiving day, we stopped by Aunt Lisa's to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and then we went to my Aunt Woni's which is where my dad's family has Thanksgiving every year.

He rode his boke a little at Aunt Woni's

We then traveled about an hour to Shane's dad's house. They just moved out in the countryyyyy, so it was a little hard to find! We visited with them for a bit and they showed us their chickens. Mike was trying to get Caden to feed the chickens out of his hand, but Caden would only use the cup!

We then took about an hour and a half drive back to Pville! We had a wonderful first Thanksgiving together and cant wait for new traditions to begin!

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