Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Programs

Caden had a Christmas program at school last week. It was so cute, and I loved that they sang the traditional songs that everyone knows. I want him to love the songs that I loved! Each child had a speaking part along with two other children, so no one was left out. I am disappointed in the quality of these photos, maybe because I was zoomed in so much! Who knows, I am no photographer!

Before the second grade program
Jay, Caden, and Diesel

Karlee with her friends

Despite this photo, he actually sang and smiled a lot!

"E is for Elves that work in Santa's toyshop"

Sunday evening we had our children's program at church.
A lot of the kids here were from my apartments.
They all love to come to church with me and
I hope they continue when I am not here anymore.

Presenting a gift card to Mr. Todd to show everyone's appreciation!

The ones that I call "my kids"!
Caden couldn't stand still!!
Dont they all look so nice?!!

My grandmothers with Caden

My absolute favorite family photo ever!
Could Caden's smile get any bigger?!

Even though we have been busy this season, I have not been stressed out. I have honestly enjoyed every moment thus far! Hope yours are going as well as ours! Merry Christmas!

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