Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

We were so lucky to be able to spend so much time at Shane's the weekend of Christmas. We were very busy, but enjoyed every minute of our first Christmas all together.

Caden helped me make oreo balls one night while Shane was working.

I do know that I needed wax paper here, but its ok because they just had to cool in the freezer for a bit on here.

They turned out very good, I thought they were pretty too!
We ended up leaving these, (well about 6) for Santa on Cmas night.
Because, you know Santa HAS to get tired of always eating cookies!:)
Caden was able to get a gift a little early. Especially since it was a Christmas movie, he probably needed to watch it before Cmas!

On Friday, Ryan and Palyn came up from Foley. We planned to all get dinner and go to the zoo for a Christmas lights train ride around the zoo. Shane made a little stop at Kinnucan's and told me that I could pick out a white North Face!! Yayy! I wore a friends a few months ago and looooved the way it looked on!! So how lucky did I feel?!! I love him! And I was positive that it was my main Christmas present. Wrong. Ill share more about those later, for my memories sake. (not to brag)
This below was Christmas day when I got my Erin Condren planner. It was a late bday present from my mom, and I was so excited!! Here is my new jacket and my new planner!!

Caden and Palyn at dinner before the zoo.

I forgot my camera, so all pics had to be taken from my phone.
It sadly didn't work out too well either!
Palyn trying to sneak a peak of Santa.

All of us on the train ride
Caden lost this little Santa hat on the train ride,
so glad they're cheap!

I am in love with this sweet picture of my little man outside of the zoo.

Palyn always gets in our photos!
Its too sweet though!

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