Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reese's Little Mermaid party

Almost every weekend is "go go go" for us. I enjoy them, but will be glad if they ever slow down a bit! This past Saturday was no different. We began by going to Reese's birthday party. Reese is my friend Brooke's little girl, and she turned two. She had a Little Mermaid party, and even had a special visitor. I love being around little girls so much!! Especially with big bows!

Ariel and Caden
He was def acting too cool for her

Birthday girl!

Reese had plenty of help opening her presents!

The shirt that we got her
I think she already had the matching pants!
monogrammed by Jen Green

She liked her horse!

Jen with Braylen, Me, Brooke with Reese

And we saw Emilee there with Connor!
I couldn't get over how much older Connor looked with his big boy haircut!
Aren't they so cute?!

Reese and Braylen were being sneaky girls and getting into the cake!!

Reese hadn't had enough yet!:)

After the party, Shane joined us and we had rehersal for the church Christmas program. Shane was thrown into the sound booth and did a great job for the first time! He texted me kidding and said he had always wanted to be a dj!! hahahha! He was seriously kidding though!

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