Friday, December 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Engagement Celebration

We went our with some of our friends to celebrate our engagement on Nov. 5. Does that date sound familiar at all to you? If you live in the south then you know that was the Alabama/ LSU game take 1. Being that it was the biggest game of the season, we took our celebration to Buffalo Wild Wings. Maybe not what you have always dreamed of for yours, but it was a good time with great friends! I took this opportunity to ask some of my girls to be my Bridesmaids. Of course they accepted, as they all did after finally chasing them down!

Crystal, Julie, Me, Sandie, and Becca

Thank you Sandie for our cups!

Drew sneaking in!

with paint swatches to show the tones of the wedding

cousin David!


My cards with a picture and note inside

David and Julie

Thank you all for coming!
I know this is a late post!

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