Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday Farewell

This weekend was the perfect combination of fun and relaxation! I love those weekends and need more of them for sure! Shane was leaving on Saturday morning for Korea for a week. We went on Friday to spend a little time with him. We had a surprise for Caden, that we could have possibly been more excited about than he was. Please tell me this happens in your home too?! Ill tell you soon about the surprise, if you arent a fb friend and already know. We then went to eat lunch at Mellow Mushroom, and after a quick Target run, we laid around and tried to make our day together last longer.

This picture is awful, when we were waiting on VERY HEAVY rain to stop, we asked our server to take this pic for us. I am officially a blogger when I take pictures at a restuarant. The guy was not in any sort of a hurry, but managed to still make it look like he snapped it and ran off. Oh well, it was between him and a sweet elderly couple that probably couldnt have seen the button. I laughed and told Shane that all three of our faces look like we are just the happiest little family, and he said, "we are!"...I loved that response!

Emmie lives about 20 minutes from him, and has just moved into a new house. After watching this, we went to see the cute and cozy place that she has been so excited about! We are happy for her and her new place!

After he left for the airport Saturday morning, Caden, Betsy, and I headed back to Sylacauge for two sweet sisters' birthday party! Oh and, you will meet Miss Betsy very soon! I have talked to Shane a few times since he left, he is enjoying his trip for work that is more like a vacation! Lucky! Not being able to pick up the phone and text or call him at anytime this week, is reminding me of what life was like before him. Definately keeps me from taking him for granted. The rest of our weekend deserve post of their own, so this is all for now!

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