Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rays Team Party

After our long, sweaty day at the ballfield, we made our way to the team party that we have been so ready for! I have been so excited that our boys would be able to all play together somewhere besides the ballfield. Nothing against other team parties, but we have never been on a team that had a party other than the typical burger king playplace party. I was all ready to decorate and have tons of little extras for the boys, however it slipped up on us so quickly and I didnt have as much as I would have liked. Did they care? Not at all! They swam and played their little hearts out for 3 hours straight! Caden kept picking one of the little sisters. I tried to tell her that when they do that, it means they like you. Caden did not like that answer!! Thanks to the O'Neals for having our team party at their pool!
With two friends, Yance and Mikel

Taken with my phone, but these are little bubbles that Caden gave to his teammates.
They say, "I enjoyed being on your team this year! -Caden"

Hot dogs for everyone

Ice cream bar
Notice their nice trophy and plaque!

Banner I made for the party

Filling up those ice cream sundaes


Proud, proud, proud!

I will miss these sweetboys and the great chats with the parents as well!

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