Monday, June 6, 2011

We are the Champions

Saturday was bittersweet for me as I spent all day hot and sweating at the ballfield. Although I am glad to have our Saturday mornings free for other things besides ballgames, I will miss them so much! I know that I have bragged several times about how wonderful our little team and coaches are, but seriously, when you think of your little boy playing ball, this year was exactly what you would have hoped for. I am crossing my fingers that it made Caden like the sport better all around.
After last week, when we won against the #1 team in the tournament game, we were sent to the championship game. The team we played was a very good team as well. At this point, Caden had improved in the field, but had yet to hit any of the balls from the pitching machine. During this game, he hit it once and fouled, he hit it again and ran to first base. Can you imagine me?? Jumping up and down, screaming and clapping for him. Everyone around me was excited as well for him! I turned around to them and they were all smiling. I jokingly asked them if I could, "go out there?" hahah! Just kidding! I am not that crazy of a mom. However, Emmie and I did tear up a little when one of his coaches hugged him so big on 1st base that we thought he was going to swing him around! He made it to second base and then his team had to come in, because they had 5 runs. I dont want to ever forget the look on my sweet boy's face when he took that helmet off! I, of course, was at the dugout waiting for a big hug!! Our boys played so good and won the game, which made them tournament champs! Caden got the game ball, along with another boy that played very well. I know he was shocked, going from no game balls to two in a row!

So proud!

After watching Landon's game, we had lunch downtown with friends and then it was right back to the fields for the closing ceremonies. During the ceremonies the top teams and tournament champs were announced and awarded trophies. All Stars were also announced. Congrats to Landon on making the 8yr old All Stars!

So happy he was there to spend our day with us!:)

Caden with some of his buds!

their awards!

Happy boys!

Cuties with their "free" cotton candy
It really wasnt, however they went with no money and came back from the concession stand with it

After the fields, we went home to quickly change and get to our team pool party!

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