Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Go With It

Thats just what we did this weekend! I realized on Friday afternoon, that the only plans I had for the weekend were to go to a wedding Saturday night, and spend time with my sweet man on Sunday. Its been so long since I have had a "redbox" night, so I picked one up and called over two of my girls. Crystal and Emmie came over and we watched...

Emmie stayed the night and I tried really hard not to talk her to death when were going to sleep! Ha! I am seriously like a preteen girl when she stays over, talking and talking while shes trying to go to sleep! Sorry Ems! Saturday, I spent the day on Caden's room. I am seriously getting rid of so much. I am not too much of a pack rat, however, in his room Ive been keeping things that he likes but doesnt play with. Not this day! I only kept toys that he still plays with! This big boy room will be one thing I am looking forward to, rather than the messy toy filled floors. 

That evening we went to Sarah and Joel's wedding. It began to rain on the way there, and when we arrived, they moved the ceremony to the reception site, then back to the ceremony site. As the weather cleared up, we all grabbed towels and blankets out of our trunks and had dry benches to sit on! I laughed because I only had an Auburn blanket, and looked like I was ready for tailgating! (aside from my dress, of course!) The wedding was beautiful and Sarah was nothing less than stunning.

How adorable is this cake and picture of Sarah?

Bethany, Emmie, Me, Ali, and MaryJane

Bestie Emmie!

First Dance

Holly, Ashley, and Me
Best friends throughout high school

Stevi, another bestie from high school

Memory tree, precious pics of those two growing up!

With the Bride!
Remember the rain messed with my hair!

Lindsay, another friend from school!!

Sunday morning, Caden and I went to Sunday school, then Shane met us for church. Having no other plans on Sunday, I wanted our only day together to go by as slowly as possible! So we stayed on the couch, after filling up on Zaxby's with some of his fam. It worked too, it felt 7 when it was only 4! So then he had a few little handy favors to do for me around the house! So nice to have someone else to hang pictures and curtians for me! ;) That evening, we went to my friend Amy's house to plan a huge surprise!! Another wonderful weekend behind us, and many, many, many more to come!

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