Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Babe, Dont be a Sucker

I am having such a hard time getting Shane to tell Caden, "NO". Caden knows that more than likely, he'll get his way with him, rather it be permission or something he wants. I understand that Shane doesn't have kids and that he wants Caden to like him, but Caden will break me! We have to draw a line somewhere, because I refuse to have a spoiled, bratty kid, that isnt grateful! Luckily, Caden hasn't become any of those, but he is only seven.

On our last beach trip, I spotted the two of them up at the register at Lulu's. Since we had already made our purchases, I was confused about what they were buying. Caden turned around and showed me his pin.
I took this with my phone, sorry for the quality.

"A pin? What do you need a pin for?" Shane said, "He says he's collecting them." Ha! Sucker! I just shook my head, and reminded him that it may be a $1.99 pin today, but when he's 16, it will be something way more expensive than that. He might as well get used to telling him "no" now!

When we went to Lambert's on our way home, Im guessing Caden was sticking to his story about "collecting pins" because look what he got there.
with my phone again!

Dont get me wrong, I am all for it if he is going to stick with collecting something. When we got home, I checked out his "pin collection". And I have to give it to him, he did have a few others already!
A few "Ben 10's", a "World's Greatest Grandson", and a "U.S. Space and Rocket Center"

So I'll give him the "pin collecting" thing, but what about this one. While in Target the other day, he sees a globe. Yes, a globe of the world. He wanted the globe. "But Caden, you already have a Leap Frog globe that tells you all about all of the countries. You dont need this globe." I turned around and guess what was in the buggy, yep, the globe. "Shane!!", "Well won't he need it for school?" he said. "Umm, I never did." I told him. Myyyy goodness! I guess it will make nice decor on his shelf. Or maybe I could come up with a learning activity with it!
Yes, this is Betsy!

In all seriousness, I am so thankful that Caden and I have someone like Shane. He has the best heart and is just so wonderful in every way possible. I love every minute we are with him.

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