Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Partying and Painting

When we finally made it back into town on Saturday morning, we were ready for Olivia and Emmas birthday pool party. Everyone had a great time watching the kids swim and play. I am so thankful that Caden is a good swimmer, although I still watch him closely, it is so nice to not have wonder if he is ok out there. The pool in our town has two diving boards. A regular size, and then the high dive. I remember loving the high dives when I was little. I was on the swim team for three years, and would love for Caden to be on one as well. However, there is only one of me and I have to work some time!
Ready for the pool party

thinking about it

still thinking about it

about to go

He kept saying the entire party that he wasnt scared,
he was just waiting till the end of the party.

This is Emma, and her gift from Caden and me.
It is a seersucker snack box from Braylabee's
Click on the name to see other great items my friend Jen has!

Emma is the baby sister, and she is the cutest thing! She definately keeps us entertained at church! Every Sunday her words to me are, "Miss Brittany, do you have gum?" And my reply determines whether or not shell have anything to do with me! In both of the girl's snack boxes, I put a pack of gum. And on Sunday morning, I asked THEM if THEY had any gum for me!

This is the big sister, Olivia. Also with a snack box from Braylabee's

Olivia makes me smile just by seeing her. She is always in great spirits and I have never seen her act ugly or even be sad. She is the happiest little girl, all of the time!

Thank you girls for inviting us to your party! We had a great time and ate too much pizza!

After the party, we went to Whitman's Art Gallery to let Caden paint an owl. It was soo cute! Ours ended up a little different, but I am so happy with it. He began the painting, then made me do the details and finish it up. When Kevin (owner) told him that he wasn't going to be able to tell everyone that he painted it, he said that it did not matter that I did most of it. "He did some, so that was his painting." And that is just what he does when he shows it off! I would love to do more of these together with him, however, his ADD kicked in not even halfway through!
This is the face I love so much

Kevin and Caden proud with "Our" painting!

You should all check out Whitman's Art Gallery in Childersburg, if you are in the area. Kevin has always had amazing talent!

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