Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Favorite Guys

The other day, we left our preacher's house after putting together a few things for VBS to grab a bite before getting back to the church. Bro. Max gave Caden a little snack while we were there. And as Caden was opening it, he said, "Look Mama, our favorite guy made this!" I had no idea what he was talking about until he showed me this guy. I just laughed and thought, "Do we really have a lot of Keebler snacks around?" 

The snack that he was given was one that we had never had. It was good though!

Caden said, "You know they make those good little cookies with the chocolate stripes on them!" Oh yes, we do looove fudge stripes.
However, the only snacks we really keep in the house are granola bars and crackers. Although, the granola bars are "Quaker", Caden quickly reminded me that those guys make our crackers too!
They really notice a lot more details than we expect, don't they? I asked him what else he knew about those guys and he said, "Didn't they live with that Disney Princess? Cinderella or somebody?". "No, baby, it's Snow White that lived with the seven dwarfs, but those aren't the same guys!"
I can definitely see the resemblance though!
Just for the record, THIS is our favorite guy!

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