Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flying high and Catching rolls

On our very last day of the beach, we decided to be brave and go parasailing! Neither one of us had ever been. I was so excited, but very nervous too. I am usually afraid of heights. Being afraid of heights isnt like being afraid of snakes or spiders. I didnt realize for the longest that I was afraid of them. The feeling I get when I am up high is a feeling of sickness, not fright. If I am standing at the top of a civic center or stadium, I feel like I am falling even if I am standing still and holding on to a rail. Weird, I know, but thats it and I hate it!
Mom stayed on the beach with Caden, and we headed to get all ready. When we got up to the hut, I recognized the voice of the girl signing us up, and realized it was a friend of mine that I worked with a few years ago! We havent seen each other in forever! We chatted a bit and she gave us a great deal, Thanks Summer! We got our life jackets on, and then took a ride on a banana boat out to the big boat. It was a little scary, because I didnt really know what to expect, but it was actually kinda fun too. We made it to the boat and volunteered to go up before the other couple. We got buckled up and up we went! Seriously, as soon as my feet left the boat, I was so relaxed! I loved it! Being up there above everything was so pretty and not at all scary! I was so thankful that my fear didnt keep me from enjoying it! Before we were broght back in to the boat, we were dipped in the water. Im not so sure the other couple loved it as much as we did though! As we were coming back to the shore on the banana boat, we hit a huge wave and were flipped off! I loved it all and would recommend it to anyone!
Were ready!

Heading out on the banana boat

loading up on the boat

going up!

flying high!

Sweet love! I love that we are looking at each other too!

The photographer asked us to put our hands in the air! Just to let you know, once you have spirit fingers, they never leave you! Sorry!!

Down for our dip!

What did Caden do while we were up?!

Enjoyed a frozen drink with his Tata, of course!

After a little more time on the beach, we went back to get cleaned up for the time we all dread on vacation. Going home. But we werent going anywhere on an empty stomach! We went right across the street to Lambert's Cafe.
Lambert's serves huge portions of down home country cooking, along with extra sides that servers walk around with for you called "pass arounds". The pass arounds included okra, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes. I cannot forget to tell you about the "throwed rolls"! That is mostly what they're known for. Servers walk around yelling, "hot rolls". If you're ready for one, you just hold your hands up and they throw you a roll. Lambert's has very few locations, 3 I think. If youre ever near one, you must try it out. Just be prepared to take home enough leftovers for about two more meals!
Sorry, its blurry...My baby was ready for a roll!

got our huge rolls!

Okra anyone?!

This guy came by and asked Caden if he'd like a little "skunk"!

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