Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Kids

On our way to the beach we decided that if we were going to Six Flags this summer, we better go when we returned home because Shane wouldn't be off anymore this summer. Caden had free ticket from the reading club at school, but after failing at finding another person to even us out, we decided that just the two of us would make a fun date! I would just keep Caden's ticket for when his friends were going. I was really nervous that the lines would be long and we would waste our day away in lines. Boy was I so excited to be wrong about that! We didnt get there until lunch and we seriously walked on pretty much every ride. Which is awesome because I love riding in the front on a roller coaster! The only exceptions were the Superman and Batman rides, which we waited for a very hot 30 minutes for each. I was thrilled to ride my favorites about 3 times each! Can you imagine us? Running around there from ride to ride with no kids trailing behind us?! It was awesome and I highly recommend it!

About to go on our first ride!

Soaking wet after the Thunder River!

Burnign up waiting on Superman!

Wow! After passing by the picture of these babies a few times, we caved! Waffle fries, chicken, ranch, cheese, and bbq sauce! But we shared them!!

Think that's bad? The other picture was of the funnel cake sundae, and before walking out the gate, we gave in and said, "What the heck!?" and ate that too!! hahahaa tons and tons of calories!

took this picture for Caden!

This is still my fave! Even after riding the new Daredevil! And you wouldn't believe that this baby had the shortest line of all!!

We had soo soo soo much fun! I loved being able to have a good time with Shane, we were just so carefree!

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