Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Captian Caden's Pirate Day

My friend Sandie gave us a family pass to the Mcwane Science Center for Christmas last year, and we have been too busy to use it yet! She told me that they were going to the Pirate weekend that they were having and I just knew that Caden would love that! We joined her, her son Payton, and her nephew Michael. I want to apologize for being camera ignorant. I could not for the life of me get the photos to not be blurry! I am such a blonde at anything electronic!

His treasure

getting a "squid tattoo"

he really liked his compass ring

making a pirate hat

Yes most of those smiles were fake, but since my camera was not functioning, I couldnt get many action shots!

Learned how to tie a rope

Look at those pirates buddies!

Look at how hard Payton and Michael are pulling and Caden is barely touching it!

They all enjoyed the zip line and the maze!

The Bubble room was Cadens favorite! I didnt think I would ever get him out of there! It was probably the most fun activity!

Feeling what a tornado is made of

Sandie with her little pirate!

These are soo funny! We could do this all day!

I unlocked the safe!

We have been here many times before, but when I took this photo, I was reminded of when Caden was four! We took the same picture! Please look at my big boy now and then!

He couldnt sit still!

4 years old
I have always loved this picture!

We stopped for pizza on our way back home. Whew, those wild boys wore us out! Shane then had to head back to Prattville and so we went to spend a little more time at Sandie's letting the boys play. I was glad to get to spend a day with them!

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