Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Wharf before the Fourth

Sorry that I have been MIA from my blog this week, my computer is 1423232 years old and the charger needs to be replaced. Actually, the computer needs to be replaced! Maybe someday soon, sigh.

Anyways, on our second night at the beach, we decided to try Shucker's at The Wharf for dinner. My best friend Emmie was down there, as well with her parents and niece. I sent her a text and asked where they were eating while we were on our way to dinner. And of all the places to eat in that area, they were eating at Shucker's too!

Sweet girl coloring! That didnt last very long with bouncy house next to us! 

They spent our entire dinner in here together!
Hahahah! Her face makes me laugh!

Here is Palyn in Caden's shoes
This is where she traded out shoes out all night! I had to get several other little kids shoes away from her. These were actually hers though!

We had the best dinner that I have had at the beach yet! We had tuna dip, fried pickles (best yet), chicken sandwhich (best yet), and Shane had cajun fried oysters.
Emmie joined us when we headed over to the farris wheel. We were a little nervous at how Palyn might be on it. It was one with enclosed buckets, rather than the usual seats that are open so that made it a lot better for them!

She looked around the whole time, and really liked it!

Both of their little faces were so cute on our ride!

Then we went and sat and looked at the "big boats" while we were waiting for the fireworks.

And she did not like the fireworks!

So we waited for an hour to watch 5 minutes of fireworks, because she was scared and Caden acted bored with them.

Emmie and Caden
His face looks like he did when he was little bitty!!
It was a great night, but we were all tired and went straight to bed! We had a pool day to get rested up for! 

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