Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Hanging out" on the 4th

On the 4th of July, we opted for the pool instead of the beach. Palyn was very whiny and with a playful cousin Caden, that didnt make for the most enjoyable day. We layed out and played in the water and probably ran quite a few other people out of the pool with our constant cryer.

To her, everything is "Paypay's". This is my float, but she claimed it all day!

Ryan stayed home with Palyn that night while we went to "The Hangout" and took a few festive pictures on the beach.
This could possibly be my favorite picture of us ever!

Me and my lovey!

I love The Hangout, and I especially loved it on the 4th. I know I usually think of the lake on the boat with good bbq for the 4th, but this night was so much fun!

Caden and me in festive glasses!

The band

How cute is it that all of the food came out with a flag?

They played "America" themed music all night and it really put you in the patriotic mood!

They had a chicken and got everyone to do the chicken dance!

They had an air guitar contest!

We had so much fun together watching everyone dance! We were singing along with all of the songs and seriously had the best time that we have probably ever had together!

We watched a great firework show before going back to the apartment. We all had a great 4th of July. Thank you to all of our military that makes the sacrifices for our country. Especially my Becca Baby's husband, Dallas. He will be spending a year away from her and their baby, Norah Belle, that isnt even a year old yet. Please keep this sweet family in your prayers. God Bless the USA!!

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