Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RA Camp

True definition of "roughing it"!! I do want to warn you that you are probably all thinking I am stupid for considering this rough, because this was a CAMP!

Caden and I arrived on Thursday evening about 5:30. It was only him and I going from our church. My understanding was that the "Lads and Dads" was the previous weekend, the big boys went with just chaperones during the week, and "Lads and Moms" camp was this weekend. So you heard me right, it was Caden and I and we knew no one else. We get registered and follow the counselors to our cabins, where he pointed to one and said, "thats your cabin". He pointed to one next to it and said, "that's his." Yes, I am serious, they wanted the boys to stay seperate from their moms to get a "camp" feel. I thought Caden's eyes were going to pop out of his head! We were both shocked! I would have been fine with it, except that if he was to get scared in the middle of the night he would have to actually go outside to come get me. Also, we were the only ones from our church to attend this weekend. We made arrangements for him to stay with me. (another boy stayed with his mom too). As we made our way down to dinner, I saw a dining room full of men. I was confused, and as I entered and looked around I saw one other mom. There ended up being six of us. And he was the youngest boy.  After dinner, we walked down to the chapel, and during worship, a skit, and a message, all Caden kept asking was when we were going swimming. Example number 1 of maybe not being mature enough for this camp. We then all loaded up in a church van and went night swimming. That was a great time for us all to get to know each other a little better. Caden really surprised me by being silly in front of everyone! He has always been silly, but since he has been in school he has become a little more shy. He was making everyone laugh by mocking characters on tv shows and singing, "We got the beat, we got the beat, yeeeah, we got the beat!" I died. After swimming the boys went to make their buddy burners for breakfast the next morning. and this Mama was not thrilled to be told I couldnt have anything to drink before bed. I was wondering how sleeping would go sharing our twin bunk. Not so bad, other than freeeezing! The next morning we all headed down our big hill to make breafast on our buddy burners. I was already planning to starve instead of eating an outdoor breakfast made on tin cans. But MUCH to my surprise, the breakfast was yummmmy!
Cooking bacon on buddy burner

Yes my plate caught on fire! I was like, "Hey....hey....heyyyyy!"

Fried honey bun?! Delishhhh!
So wish they didnt show me how great these were!!

Flag raising after breakfast

Devotion time

After our morning devotions, were knew we were going to the pool and lake for our recreation time. However, I didnt know we would be hiking the pool trail there and back. I was dreading the mile hike in a wet bathing suit. (Im going to stop and apologize for seeming so negative already!)

Taking a break from the pool

This was everything we were able to do in the lake.
Climbing wall, aqua jump, and huge slide....most fun part of the weekend!!

After being deprived of all snacks and drinks other than meal times, I was sooo excited to find machines where we stocked up!!

My sweet boy was doing at lunch exactly what we were all wishing to do about then!

After lunch we learned all about a few snakes and then headed on a nature trail.

We were taught that you can eat a certain type of leaf, with Mom's permission of course!

looking for crawdads and salamanders

This is where the other fun parts came in...
hatchet throwing, blow darts, and water balloons!

He loved throwing hatchets

I was so nervous because it looked like he was going to hit the back of his head.
We really enjoyed the blow darts too!
Not too bad!

Mr. Weaver told the sweetest story about how to be saved, and then provided ice cream.

The morning we were leaving, we had a good breakfast, and then another good message, skit, and worhip song at the chapel. All of the counselors were sad that this would be the last service at Shocco. Then we participated in a CrossWalk. Each group carried the cross a little ways up the hill while remembering that Jesus died on the cross for us and our sins even though we didn't deserve it. Then the boys would let the next group carry it and we would all follow. It was a great concept.

At the last flag raising, they raised 3 RA flags.

Morning devotion

The boys with their counselors

The moms, who I am so glad that Ill be able to keep in touch with through fb

Moms and Lads

I am always amazed at how God works. One of the ladies I met this weekend lives in Prattville. That's where Shane lives and we will eventually end up. Her son attends the same school that Caden will, they will be attending the same church that we have been planning to visit, and her son plays baseball on the same road that Shane lives on. Crazy to think that he just plants people in our paths without us even knowing it! I also want to thank my church, FBC Oak Grove, who through fundraisers, provided the way for Caden and I to attend this camp. It was honestly unforgettable!!

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