Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Break Please

I need a break. Caden is pushing every button that I have. It doesnt matter how many times I tell him firmly, spank him or take things away, he continues to try me. Why? Why do they do that? You would think that he would get the fact that he is not going to win. All it does is put me in a worse mood which then makes me more snappy. (Its ok if you stop reading my venting, this blog is real...positive and negative. I dont try to make everyone think its always smiles and laughter 24/7. I dont share everything personal, however I refuse to be fake.) I am noticing that on the days that he does not go to the boy's club, my patience runs shorter. I have stopped giving him a choice on going. I need that break. How do stay at home mothers do it all day everyday? How do moms with more than one do it everyday? A lot of times I wonder if things would be easier if I wasnt the only one at home and the only one constently on him. It probably helps to split the discipline between two. It is very rare that I actually get down on myself about this, usually I just do it without thinking and move along. It doesnt help to dwell on it, because it is just something that must be done. I wouldnt have changed our past 7 1/2 years for anything. Every experience we have been through has made us both stronger and brought us as close as we are. But mercy, I am ready for a break. Thank God for an adult lake trip this weekend. And thank Dad, Connie, and Aunt Lisa for keeping my wild one!

I feel bad for ranting about this now after I re read it. I am aware that there are many women trying so hard to have children. My heart is heavy for them. I do know how blessed I am and thank God for everything...before begging Him for parenting wisdom!!

He does look sweet doesnt he?!

He has been in the bed after getting in trouble, Im gonna go kiss him goodnight now and remind him it's all because I love him! ;) 

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