Thursday, July 7, 2011


My mom has been going to this place that she found as an alternative to the beach. We went to the inland, where there are less waves. You just better watch out and not let that tide pull you away! This spot was under a bridge and provided perfect shade for our littles to play all day long, and never get aggravated by the sunshine that I adore. That was the best part, that although they were in the shade of the bridge, I was still able to get plenty of sun and remain close enough. I am well aware of the damage the sun causes, I know, I know! But I still love the relaxation of it!

 See this brave little boy below?
He went right up there with all of the other kids to jump. They had a ladder to help them up.

Here he was waiting on Shane to get up, because you know he had to wait on him to go first!

 Shane jumping!

Caden, getting a running start!

It drove me crazy that he didnt jump out far enough away from the wall. I was scared that he was going to hit his head on the concrete. After about 6726372 jumps, he looked like he was about to jump again, only he was taking a very long time. People were lining up behind him and I was yelling out to him to go or get down. Then he did a front flip and I about died! He was so close again, I could have had a heart attack. He was quite the little daredevil up there!

I love catching sweet moments of Palyn and Shane!

Tata and Aunt Lisa playing with Caden and Palyn

Me with Mom
My eyes hate not having sunglasses!!

Caden and Aunt Lisa

My men!

I really enjoyed going there, however I missed the "beach" beach!

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