Thursday, July 28, 2011

Christmas in July

My friend Amy invited Caden and I to join a group of friends and their kids to a children's painting class. Knowing that Caden lost interest halfway through this painting class, we went anyways. I am always up for a good night with friends! They picked out a stocking to paint because they wanted something easy and gender neutral for the boys and girls. Caden, as before, would do a little then I would go around the edges for him. He really enjoyed it for a while but then decided he was done. I asked him if he wanted to paint anything on his stocking, such as dots or a "C" and he didnt. I was telling everyone when they were complimenting his painting that he is a "coloring book realist". Everything must be the same colors and look exactly like it does it real life or he doesnt do it. If a tree is supposed to be brown, but there is no brown, he will leave it blank before coloring it blue. Cant blame him!
Ready to paint a bit!

Made me a little ready for Christmas!!

I am now wanting our church kids to go and paint a really cool cross! Im loving those paintings!

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