Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Car Divided?!

I posted this photo on my facebook the other day, and thought it was pretty funny! Which only in Alabama do we fully understand the humor of it. Shane is the only Alabama fan I have ever dated, and being THE ONE that I will be with, I have some getting used to! I am an Auburn fan, and up until recently, Caden couldnt really have cared either way. I am actually very surprised that he is siding with his Mama on this one, considering how much he loves Shane! The really funny part about us choosing to be on oppisite sides of the rilvary, is that niether one of us attended the universities and niether one of us are so into it that we will fight someone over a bad call. However, niether one of us are willing to budge when it comes to our swapping teams!
My car divided!

Caden said, "Please put Shane as an Auburn fan, and maybe he will like it!" That definately wouldn't work! Caden actually didn't even like that I let Betsy be an Alabama fan on the car either! I told him we had to make Shane not feel so lonely just because he is a bammer!! I am actually thinking it will be kind of fun being able to pick on each other about it each year!

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