Thursday, July 7, 2011

Splashing and Shopping

On our way down to the beach, it came an all out down pour. It was raining so hard that we couldn't see and then it began hailing, all while we were only 30 minutes from being there. The worst part was that we were taking a load of furniture to my mom and it was all getting soaked. We pulled under a pavilion at a gas station and the wind was blowing so hard that it was just as bad under there. After a while of waiting without any success of it letting up, and me having to use the restroom soooo bad but couldnt get out, we had to just get back on the road in the rain. My sister said it wasnt raining there, so we knew we wouldnt have much further to go. We finally made it and dried off the furniture as we unloaded it. And our plans for any sunshine on our first day were completely shot. That didn't mean that we would be stuck inside with nothing to do though. Have I ever mentioned that Mom lives pretty much directly across the street from the Tanger Outlet? UH-OHHH!!

The outlet has a splash park and playground area for the kids. If you could read my mind! My sister was about to pay me back from all of my weekends with Palyn by watching those two sweet cousin play while I made quick rounds at the shops. I do have to give her credit though, she kept Caden a lot when he was a baby too, so that I could work. Immediately realizing where we were, Palyn began yelling for "horsie". And that was all it took! She and Caden rode the "horsie", played in the water and on the playground, and got a sno cone, all while Shane and I were running in and out catching the greatest sales. How's 50% off of everything at GAP for ya?! $8 jeans for school for Caden? Oh yes, Im serious! The sales were great everywhere we went, I didnt know what to think about our luck! Thank you babe for the mini shopping spree!
Getting the "horsie" tickets

Please ignore my sister's face, and check out those two cute cousins getting ready to enjoy their ride!

Arent they precious? If you haven't already been told enough how close and sweet these two are, you'll see it in the posts this week!

Something else you'll see this week, Palyn stealing everyone else's shoes!

These two have my whole heart!

That evening, Ryan took the kids home and mom joined Shane and I for a little more shopping. (I know, I even called my sister 5 minutes ago asking her to go back to GAP and pick up two things that I wished I had gotten!!) We ate salads, then went to Mom's apartment to get everything ready for the beach the next day!

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