Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meet Betsy

Also known as: Betsy Boo, Betsy Baby, Bets, Betsy Girl, and Bet Bet.

You know those people that can not stand animals? I didnt say hate, I said can not stand. As in, can not stand to be around them. That was me, and I sort of still am that way. They all gross me out. They lick you, they slobber, they are needy, they use the bathroom everywhere, and they always seem so dirty no matter how many baths they get. The one thing I still can not do, is eat around any animals. GROSS! Even if there is an animal on t.v, please turn the channel. I saw an elephant on t.v once while eating dinner, almost threw up. You can call me dramatic, there is just something about them.

Youre probably thinking, "Poor Caden". I have not always been opposed to getting a dog though. Like an outside family dog. Maybe a lab, golden retriever, those big nice dogs that stay outside! But that was out of the question living in our apartment. I thought it would come later, when we lived in a home with a fenced in back yard. Well then one day, as I was browsing good ole facebook, a friend posted this picture with the caption that the dog was "free". If you know me, that word always catches my eye. Along with the word "sale".

How in the world could you not take a second look at that baby?! I still did not want one in my apartment, though. So I texted the photo to Shane and asked if we could have her at his house, in the fenced in back yard. (I know youre thinking, "she's too little to be outside in this heat", I learned that later!) He said yes, and so we met the lady to pick her up. The lady gave us food, toys, a leash, her collar, and $25 to go toward shots. She was 8 weeks old and so so tiny, we were told she wouldn't get taller than our knees.

On her way home!
We picked out her name, and soon found out that she was like having a new baby around. We have to take her anywhere with us that she is welcome. She has been to outdoor birthday parties, friend's houses that arent as uptight about dogs as I was, and she has spent the night with my granmother while we were at the beach. She is very good about using the potty outside, it is just when we arent there to take her out that she uses it inside. I have tried to get her to use those puppy pads and a newspaper, but those didnt work. After awhile of having a puppy pad in the bathroom, She seemed to forget what it was for. Caden came outside to me and said, "Uh oh, Betsy Boo is gonna be in so much trouble". And this is what she did...
Puppy pad, all over the living room.

She is seriously the sweetest dog I have ever known, and everybody tells me that too, so Im not just saying that because Ive never liked dogs! All she does is lay with you. If you're watching t.v, shes laying beside you with her little head propped up on you. She loves to sleep with me, but she wants to be in the middle. (Caden sleeps with me too, dont judge!)

I send pictures to Shane on a daily basis,
so all of these came from my phone! 

Now, her relationship with Caden is a little different. He likes to love on her a little too hard. He also likes to make her bark and make her mad. He thinks it's funny to aggravate her. Poor Betsy Girl!

Bathtime with Bets

She doesn't like his eskimo kisses!

Hes trying to make her be sweet with him!

This is what I love!

Betsy is already a part of our family. We watched "Marley and Me" the other day, and it made me think of how much she will go through with us, but also made me sad. We are at Shane's this weekend and have kept her outside, trying to get her used to it. She is in her teething stage and will chew everything. It is not hot, it is rainy. But she is right by the door under the patio and is doing just fine! She has to get her 2nd round of shots tomorrow. Wish us luck!
And now you know Betsy!:)

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