Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Miss Palyn

Turned 2! I still cannot believe it! Where did the time go that this precious baby that I love as my own has turned 2?! And let me just tell you she is every bit of a two year old girl! With her attitude, I wonder all of the time how she isn't mine! Although she has moved to the beach with my mom and sister, we had her birthday party here with all of her closest family and friends.We are thankful to everyone that came out in the most awful thunderstorm. Thank heavens we had her party indoors.

My favorite picture of her all day!

She was such a big girl with her presents!

giving her Tata love!

She wanted a cupcake!

Funny story about those cupcakes...I made the first batch and realized we didnt have enough eggs for the second batch. I mixed everything else and left the batter on the counter waiting on my mom to get back with eggs. Well my sweet aunt came in and was trying to help get everything together, she baked the second batch of cupcakes with no eggs! We realized this after they were iced and all mixed in together. We soon realized what happens when you skip out on the eggs in cupcakes! They fall apart very easily and dont taste so good! During the party, I told a couple of friends about the incident. Then everytime we would see someone bite into a cupcake, if it fell apart, we would laugh and say, "that was one with no eggs!" Sorry!

Becca and Norah Belle, Shelby and Peyton

Haigan, Landon, and Karlee

Kinley Reese
The baby girls all got a tutu!

After most of our friends had gone, we found two little princesses outside doing this..
This is the playground at the apartment complex. How cute are they in the little mud puddle!? That is definately where I end and her mom begins in her! Ryan loved to play in the dirt while I was playing in make up!!
Please dont grow up as fast as your cousin Caden is! It makes me so sad, but at the same time Im loving each new phase my girly girl goes in to! I cant get enough of her giggles and want to press pause in those precious moments! Britt Britt loves you so much!

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