Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On Sunday evening, after we were cleaned up from the beach and full from donuts, we went to Lulu's for the annual Lulu-palooza. It was an event that marked the kick off of Summer! It is one of the best resturants to take your children while you are in Orange Beach, with the sand play area including a lot of fun activities for them. This weekend, they had bands out on the stage and were super crowded!

This band had a conga line going! If you look closely, youll see my mom in the back!

My sweet girl, with messy hair!

Tata and her babies!

and with her big babies!

My favorite picture from our whole trip!

Peace, love and Lulu's

one of the bands

Ok, my scardy cat Caden decided he wanted to take on this large obstacle course with his Tata. He doesnt do things like that so I was very shocked when he was insisting. (Im pretty sure I blinded this poor guy!)

Getting all hooked up!

I asked the guy how they get down, and he replied, "Well they just go over there and unhook their belt and jump." With all seriousness, I said, "Oh, my son will never go for that, he just never does stuff like this!". I know the guy thought I was an idiot after he informed me that he was kidding and they would just come down the stairs!

They appear to be ready as can be!

Whoo! Go Mama!

That is Caden in the blue, he made it only to the top of the stairs before insisting on coming down! I knew he would!

After a quick beach volleyball lesson, we were back to Mama's for some good resting!

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