Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Fun Day

Saturday, Hyundai had a Family Fun Day for their employees and Shane invited Caden and I to go with him. I had never been there and I was surprised at how pretty it was! They had many games, food, rides, bouncy houses, and fireworks all for free! Nice! We began by playing a few games and winning a few prizes. Then we made our way over to a tent with cotton candy, sno cones, popcorn and drinks! Wow, it was the sugar overload tent! After the cotton candy, Caden went down the big slide. The rides were those that would be in the carnival that may come to your town once a year. We rode only a few rides before Caden decided it was time for his sno cone! I had to ask the man not to put too much syrup on it, or I wouldve been chasing him around all night! Next were the swings, and when deciding where to sit, Caden made our decision for us. "Shane sits here, and I sit here," (pointing right beside him) hmmm?? Where do I sit? So I just take a seat in front of them, so I can turn and take the pics of course! After waiting in a line for Caden to climb a rock wall, the man informs us that we are in the "difficult" line. That Caden's arms were too short for him to complete the climb. Well that was nice to know, after waiting all that time!
The food was all sitting out buffet style and they had hamburgers, hotdogs, bbq, baked beans, cole slaw, chips and cookies to choose from. I got a little grossed out thinking about it all sitting out and how many people had been around it! But, I guess that was their best bet in having everyone fed promptly. We were under the impression that the fireworks began at 8:30, so we took about an hour to let Caden play in the bouncy houses. Shane was so sweet to go to the car to get our chairs, it was a pretty long walk! The lines for the bigger rides kept growing and growing, and we stood in line for about 20 minutes, with tons of teenagers breaking, and were then told that the rides were closing in order for the fireworks to begin. We were 30 minutes behind schedule! I was able to meet a few of Shanes co workers throughout the day, and they were all very nice. We were laughing earlier about how he has met my entire family and most of my friends, but he has never had to introduce me to anyone! The family of his I do know, are the ones I have known before us. The fireworks were nice and constent. I love one right after the other, and not having to wait in between them! It made me get excited for the 4th of July! We plan to be at the beach this year! We had a wonderful day! Caden was sad to leave, he had a blast. We had to take turns giving piggy back rides on our long walk back to the car, which are always fun. I loved our sweet day!
One of the games

Getting his cotton candy, I love how this lady had cotton in her hair and shes still smiling!

I love these moments

This picture confirmed my desire for a hair cut!

Jennifer, one of Shanes friends from work, and her family

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