Thursday, May 26, 2011

Game Ball

The league that Caden plays in uses a pitching machine. Well, being that Caden has not had very much practice before this season began, he is still very intimidated by the machine and has yet to hit a ball. I feel so bad for him. The coaches work very hard to show him the things he may be doing wrong, and I truly appreciate their time and efforts. I have known the entire season that if he could just do one thing great during a game and get a little glory for it, he might have a different outlook on the game. Maybe he would even enjoy it a little more.

Tuesday night, we had a playoff game with the #1 team . This team beat us twice and we beat them once in the regular season, so you can just imagine how bad these boys wanted to beat them this time! Well, it didnt appear to be the case with Caden. He was wilder before and during this game than I have ever seen him be at the ball fields. I wasnt sure if he was burned out or what. He wouldnt listen to a thing I said, he was spinning in circles, eating grass, tossing his glove in the air, all things to drive me insane. Everytime I turned around I was yelling his name, or his coach was yelling his name to PAY ATTENTION!! However, the weirdest thing is, everytime a ball came toward Caden, he stopped it and threw it in. This happened four times and kept the other team from scoring several runs on us. I was so proud each time, but what did he do? Turned around and acted silly again. UGHHH! It was no doubt the best game he has ever played as far as participating. I actually told another mom in the middle of the game, that I didnt understand how he was the wildest, but yet still played the best he had yet.

We ended up winning the game and will participate in the championship game. The coach got drenched with a huge cooler of iced water! Then he told the players that he has waited all season to give this game ball to...Caden Nelson! Please look at this face when he heard his name!

Can you say PRICELESS?!

His coach and his game ball, smiling so big!!

Were so proud!

I am proud of this boy, but I hope it isnt going to make him think it is ok to act like he did! I told the team moms that I am happy for him, but not willing to go through that behavior again!

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