Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot and Fresh

My mom lives pretty much right across the Krispy Kreme donuts in Foley. Not a good thing! If you are reading from somewhere else, I must let you know that Krispy Kreme puts Dunkin Donuts to shame anyday! We took Caden in to get some fresh donuts, and we had no idea that this location was only one week old!
Which ones?!!

Checking out how those little delights are boxed up

here Shane, you wear it!


Buy one dozen, get $2 off the next dozen
uh oh!! We were in trouble now!

My mom is a server at LuLu's resturant, which is Jimmy Buffet's sister. My mom met her husband and found out that his family is the owner of Krispy Kreme donuts. I had no idea, kinda cool huh?

The bad thing about this is that weve eaten so many donuts the past few days! Glazed, lemon filled, creme filled, raspberry filled, and chocolate, lordy! I will be starving this week, because of donuts!

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