Monday, May 23, 2011

Pool Parties

Well, we were back to our business this weekend! I am going to have to break it up between posts! Last year, my friend, Sandie invited Caden and I over a good bit for swimming and soaking up of the sun! Caden is good friends with her son, Payton, too. We havent been able to spend too much time together this school year, but were really hoping that as the school year comes to an end and summer sneaks up on us, we might find some time to hang out more! We also watched a lot of Lifetime movies together last year while the boys played! Saturday morning, we were able to go over to their house for a couple of hours. I wish that we couldve stayed longer! Her sister and family were there too, and she has two boys. Michael is 4 or 5 and Barrett is around 6 months. (not exactly sure on that, I could be way off!) Anyways, they are cuties! 

Caden, Payton, and Michael

We then had to go to a birthday party of one of Caden's classmates. I love when Caden meet new friends each year! I am not at all looking forward to next year, however, I will be mostly anxious to see who will be in his class!

This is Diesel as everyone was singing happy birthday to him!

Super cute Mario Bros cake!

Some of my favorite girls from the class! Morgan and Kaitlyn!

This is Caden and Brody. Brody's birthday party was the next day. I didnt get a picture of them at his party, except on the diving board .

For some very odd reason, Caden was being very shy about swimming. Keep in mind, we had just swam all morning. He stood next to Shane for at least an hour. Then he wanted to use the excuse of, "needing a swim shirt". Ok, so he has swam around girls before, but maybe not that many girls. He finally got in with his shirt on! Cannot believe that is my son!

I had a little problem at this first birthday party. I took my keys out of the ignition, put on a little lipgloss, hopped out and locked the door. Ekkkk, I immediatley realized I had left my keys in the front seat. Where was my spare? In my purse, in the front floorboard. Who takes their purse into a pool birthday party? After an hour of a very nice dad and Shane standing out in the heat, prying in my door with a wire hanger, the hanger would actually touch the unlock button, only when they put pressure on it, it would slip off. So frustrating! I finally gave in and called a locksmith. I just really didnt want to when they were so very close! Waiting on the locksmith to pull up any minute and charge $35 for 2 minutes, and I hear beep, beep! YESSS! Thank you guys soo much! Safe to say, I have put my spare inside my apartment! 

Sunday afternoon, we had another swimming party.
Brody's cake made by his grandmother

This is the cutest picture! I love seeing him have a good time! Sometimes, I forget to actually pay attention to how big he is getting. I get so caught up in our everyday life to watch him grow and change. I cant believe my baby is seven and a half. And he does not let you forget to say the "half". I need to slow it down!

He didn't want to leave!
I must say that I enjoy these bday parties as much as he does! I love catching up and getting to know other moms there! My social life mostly revolves around his schedule now!

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