Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(Mostly) Wonderful Weekend

We have been having lots of BEST DAYS here lately and I am running behind again!! I hate that I never got to post about our Spring Break beach trip with my girls and their babies! I am hoping to find a way to back up to that, because we had such a great time with tons of great pictures!!! I also, need to tell you all about our most recent beach trip on Easter weekend! It was wonderful!! Let me make the goal of getting all those caught up this week!!

Friday was a very stressful day here at the apartments. Our lawn mower has been torn up for about three weeks and I am freaking out, even with a couple of calls to the place fixing it. I may have sounded a little less professional on my lastest call..opps! I wasnt ugly, just firm! haha! Anyways, you can only imagine what my grass is looking like with all of the rain weve had lately. I just cringe thinking that people drive by and think that I have let the place go to trash. I am hoping we have it taken care of this week so I can breath again! I joined my Dad and Connie at Outback for dinner, but not before picking up some awesome Cinco De Mayo decorations for my tenant party on the 5th! On our way up to eat, I saw a sign for a neighborhood yard sale for Sat morning...uh oh!
I am not a drinker, but at Outback I love the Wallaby Darneds! I went straight in with that on my mind! While at the beach, Caden requested a frozen drink like Shane and I had. He got what he asked for, only missing a certian ingrediant! When he saw ours at Outback, he insisted once again. We also ended up seeing about 5 other tables of people we knew, proving that we need an Outback in our hometown! Getting out for dinner helped relieve some of the stress of the day!
Up and at em Saturday morning, I make my way around the neighborhood with satiafaction at the deals I was getting! I must blog about this in a seperate post, because it was an amazing trip! You may not be up for used goodies, but when they are gently used and some are brand new, no way am I too good for these prizes! You keep thinking that and staying home, so that I can continue getting them all!
Headed to Caden's game, he began not feeling too well. Youre probably thinking the same I was, faking. We got to the game, and he still wasnt feeling better. After insisting that he would be going straight to bed if we went home, thats exactly what he did. Slept from 10:30-1:00. I then woke him up to head to Prattville to spend the evening with our favorite man. He rode his new bike around Shanes neighborhood and then we went to the Family Fun Day at Hyundia, where Shane works. It was a very nice night!
Now the reason this was a mostly wonderful weekend, is because we did have sad times. Thursday night, a very sweet girl went to meet our Savior in heaven. Trinity King was 6 months pregnant with her baby girl. She left behind a 5 year old son, husband, and many more family members and friends that will all be missing her dearly. She was laid to rest on Sunday, her 25th birhday. Remembering her, I couldnt help but always turn to the image of her holding both miscarried babies in heaven just as happy as can be. Please keep her precious family in your prayers.
Sunday evening, we met my mom and family for our last dinner before she moves down to Orange Beach! I will miss her, but am very proud of her for having the courage to move away and enjoy herself on her own! And Im loving the fact that dinner with Caden and Palyn, being as eventful as it always is, didnt stress out Shane in the least! Hes fitting in very well!
Caden's frozen drink

Cadens new bike!

Shane and Caden on our walk

Family Fun Day

Ryan and Palyn

Dan, Mama, and Palyn

Shane and I 

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